Aging: Accept it or Prevent it.

aging picAging is a normal part of life. People age in order to move forward in life. An individual cannot stop it to happen or else prevent it but preventing it just means delaying the process of aging but as time passes by, aging will really come to a person’s life. A person cannot make a way to stop it. If a person worries too much in aging, life will became dull, a person will not enjoy his life, he stresses out himself over and over again to something that is inevitable.

Doctors continue to discover and invent a medical technology that will help people to slow down the process of aging, like for example, the Stem Cells, Cloning and, Gene Therapy. All of these problems matter in themselves, but all of them would be subsumed in the transformations of society and human nature that would be wreaked by a significant success with the human life span. And they will come to the option of changing the genome itself. Doctor will add or subtract genes to lengthen a person’s lives, until there is no going back, because human beings alive will never be human in the same way again. Critics of life extension techniques have also raised the question who is going to pat for them and who is going to benefit from them. Stem cells are expensive. And when the boon of money is not just a few extra years of life but an additional 75 or 100 years, the inequalities we accept today may become unacceptable tomorrow. (Bogomolets, 1946)

Another thing is, aging should be look up to or viewed as a part of human progress, an individual learns a lesson as he ages. People should not be afraid to age because people are not made to be immortal and a person has no right to dictate the span of a person’s life. Also, Immortality has its side effects, which are these, the limits of planet earth, present rate of population has doubled but the supplications that a human need is not enough (Bogomolets, 1946). One futurist, John Platt of the University of Michigan, raises the specter of what he calls mega famines massive starvations in which 10 to 50 million people could perish. Another scholar, Dennise Meadows, author of Dynamics of Growth in Finite World, predicts even greater catastrophe. If there are 20 billion people by the end of the century, he says, the stress on the world’s food supply will become so great that worldwide famine will result and it is possible that billions of people will starve to death. Widespread life extension will obviously exacerbate the growth, and it introduces some additional problems too. (Bogomolets, 2014)

At present, a person over sixty five can expect, on the average to live about fourteen more years after his retirement, many persons are retiring at sixty two, and others as early as fifty five. With so many people out of productive service and severely taxing the resources of those still contributing to society, how can life extension do anything but aggravate the current problems associated with taking of the aged? (Weiner, 2010)

The trouble with prolonging the span of a person’s life is endless. The thought of it brings into contact with problem of time itself with shapeless problems that people have never grasped and may never put into words (Weiner, 2010).  Just live life as it is, live life to the fullest and accept that immortality is not possible to a person, the more a person stresses himself in aging the more it is faster for human to look older and feel worse about it. A person should count aging as a blessing because as an individual age, it means they are still alive, they still have chances to improve themselves, they still have chances to achieve their purpose in life, and they can still pursue what they want to reach in order to be happy.

Too much money has been spent in treating this and preventing it, and the more money a person lose, the more possibility for an individual to be stress and stressing will make a person age again and then they will spend too much money again to treat it and the cycle goes on and on. So what is the purpose of preventing it if a person will still be going on that specific stage in life. Nobody can stop it, and preventing just means delaying it. So why waste money, and why waste time in thinking ways to prevent it. Just accept the fact that an individual cannot stop it, as a person accept it, they will be contented and happier in life and if a person is contented and happier in life, they do not need to prevent it anymore because aging itself will be the one who will slow down the process because what an individual manifest on the inside will radiate on the outside. Just accept the fact that a person will age and will come to that certain point of life no matter what he does to prevent it.



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