Entry Essay

While I was contemplating about my life last night before I sleep, I reminisce my childhood days when one of the major things that stresses me out is where am I going to hide so I will not be caught while playing Hide and Seek, the dilemma of choosing the best pair of slippers to use in Tumbang preso, or losing your favorite colored chalk that you always use in drawing your piko. I felt nostalgic while thinking about those times. I feel so lucky that I was able to experience such things during my childhood days, I was able to play outside the house, living my childhood to the fullest without thinking of any stressful problems unlike now. I was saddened because as years past by and as technology evolves, kids are not interested anymore to play those games.

Technology makes everything easier. We can do almost everything we want in an instant. But every advantages has also disadvantages, like for example, the computer. The computer makes our studying life easier, we can have the answers in our assignments in just a snap, instead of using a dictionary that takes a lot of time before you will find out the specific topic that you are looking for but knowing that it will only takes us an ample time to look for the answer, it makes us lazy and makes you want to do what you have supposed to do at the last minute which makes us unproductive.

The use of tablets for children, yes it is fun, but I do not see the point of buying them those things at a young age. Instead of enhancing their skills and creativity, they play with their iPads instead, which can also affect their eyes by too much usage of it. Children use iPads rather than reading story books, coloring different comic characters or playing outside. And as time goes by, even a 3 year old kid already know how to use tablets. Imagine at a young age, they are already using a tablet, did not their parents know that their eyes have not developed that much yet and it is still sensitive.


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