Exit Essay

Overpopulation is not the main cause of poverty. Leaders who run the country are the ones who contribute the most. They make themselves rich while they impoverish the country that it becomes a nature in every leader. As the time pasts by, leaders develop different tactics in stealing the country’s money, instead of thinking of ways to lessen the poverty that every Filipino is facing right now.

Corruption causes poverty, the leaders start their term with a letter amount of money in their pocket, but as their term ends, they become rich. What makes leaders rich, when in fact, the salaries that are allotted for them are just little. A situation like this are always happening, like for example, one of the candidates in presidency, which I will not mention the name, allegedly owns a lot of properties and mansions which the people question that money that he used in investing those properties, which obviously came from corrupting. Imagine if the money are distributed to the sectors that need the fund to improve the country’s economy, perhaps it will help a lot to improve. If only the money has been used to build schools that will give chance to teenagers to study for free, the poverty will be lessen.

The economic stand of Philippines will increase if the country’s fund is allotted properly. The leaders use the money for buying lavish things instead of giving it to the sectors that needed it the most. Filipinos have lots of ideas and plans to improve the country yet they do not have enough money to establish it. The money are being corrupted, the money are being stolen by he leaders who are tasked to make the country improve yet they are the ones who cause it to continue being in debt.


People know that the money are being corrupted, that is why people lose hope that the country will raise back in time, which make them stop exerting efforts and stop trying to think of ways that will help the country improve which makes poverty becomes worse as the time pasts by. Corruption and the leaders behind it are the main reasons of poverty. Overpopulation is not to blame about it. When the country’s fund is allotted properly even if it is overpopulated, poverty will lessen. If only leaders become honest and become dedicated to their position, poverty will stop.

What should be made in order to stop poverty is to stop the corruption that has been going on in this country. Each sector in the government is given a certain amount of money in order to accomplish the desired projects and improve the country to help the Filipino citizen who is unfortunately not blessed financially in order to eradicate poverty and for the development of the country.


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