Outlines for Extended Definition Essay and Argumentative Essay

Extended Definition Essay

Thesis Statement: Contentment is being satisfied with who you are and with what you have and start dwelling on your blessings.

Main Ideas:

I. Contentment is being satisfied with who you are.

a. Contentment is being at present and enjoying every moment with one’s self and the guidance of God. A person with God is a person with contentment.

II. Contentment is being satisfied with what you have.

a. It downs into two, the contentment with anything that physically exist and contentment that naturally exist which comes within us.

III. Contentment is dwelling on your blessings.

a. Always look for the better side of, be optimistic, but dwelling on the blessing does not mean that you do not want to grow anymore, it simply means being at peace while achieving your goals.

Conclusion: Focus on things that will make you achieve the sense of contentment because there is no greater feeling than attaining this. Stop dwelling on what you do not have and start focusing on your blessings.


Argumentative Essay

Thesis Statement: People should accept that aging is a normal part of life.

Main Ideas:

I. Aging is inevitable.

a. Worrying can prevent your life from living your life to the fullest.

II. People are made to age.

b. Aging is a normal part of living.

III. Aging is one of the stages of life.

a. In order to move to another stage, you should accept aging.

b. It is a part of human progress.

Conclusion:  Accept the fact that a person will age and will come to that certain point of life no matter what he does to prevent it.


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