Reflective Essay

At first I was not interested that much in Englcom. I thought it was just like my high school English subject, which they made me do lots of essays without teaching us how to write formally and properly. All the essays that I did before remain similar because our high school teacher did not teach us ways to improve our skills. Englcom is way different from what I have expected. Englcom made me appreciate writing, and it made me love writing. I am pretty sure that I would not accomplish it without the help and the motivation from our professor, Ms. Shin, who always pushes us to enhance our skills, and write from our soul.

From the Entry Essay up to the Exit Essay, I must say that I have improved, not to the extent that I become professional in writing but at least I can now write without being a shame of it, which I was before. The step by step process in doing an essay is very much helpful to me, especially the fast writing. It is one of my favorite steps in the process writing, and I use it not only in doing my Englcom essay, but also in doing my essay in Manaorg in which I always got a perfect score, and because of that I have realized that Englcom had helped me a lot in writing.

From the day 1 up to the last few days of classes, from learning fallacies, up to being able to do a media log, and of course learning how to write essay properly. I must say Miss Shin’s ways of teaching is very effective because no matter how complicated and how confusing the topics are, she still manages to teach it in a way that we can understand it easily. I cannot think of a moment where I did not enjoy nor I did not appreciate this subject and I have never thought of it as a hassle subject because of our professor. I am not appreciating and praising our professor to get high grades because whatever grades I will get, I know that I have learned a lot and I know that it was worth our parent’s money.

Every time I view my Englcom Blog, there is always a feeling of satisfactory, a feeling of accomplishment. Reading my posts, made me realize how much I improved. I am kind of proud for what I have learned and for what I have written, and I would not be able to achieve it without the help of our professor, who always helps us and who is always willing to entertain our questions. It was not written professionally yet it was written with all my effort and with my invested time, to be able to accomplish this.

If you would not take this subject whole-heartedly, and if you are not willing to enhance your writing skills, and If the atmosphere that you are working in is dull, and you are working with people who are not fun to be with, you would not be able to enjoy and accomplish the goal. Which is not in my case, because being handled by Miss Shin helped me accomplish the objectives and the goals of this subject. The blog that you are viewing right now is a testimony for that.


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